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H1B Application Form

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Foreign-Trained Therapists

Why choose us?

  • H-1B visas and EB2 category GCs sponsorship for foreign trained PTs & OTs
  • Customized benefits package
  • Competitive pay rates
  • Managed by Therapists
  • Contract buyout; Relocation bonus!
  • Assistance with housing and transportation

Information for Foreign Trained Applicants

  • Information for foreign trained applicants- Link to The Executive council of PT and OT Examiners – ECPTOTE website: Application Requirements
  • Licensing Procedures for Foreign-Trained Applicants – Link to Physical Therapy Rules – April 2011, ECPTOTE website: Act & Rules
  • Agencies for Educational evaluations – Link to ECPTOTE website: Approved Credentialing Agencies
  • FAQs for International Students – Link to ECPTOTE website: FAQs

We do sponsor H1B and EB2 Greencard for eligible applicants.

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